1 Februari 2017

Tomorrow is the day. 

New day with a very strong spirit and determination to change it. 

Just enough.  For what I had gone through. It’s just soo hurt knowing that you still doing ‘that’ thing. It’s hard.  

But I know Allah will help me.  He will not let me be like this. He will protect me after this.  Forever. 


Go away.  

Please Mr. Positive, come here. 

I just dont like being sad and sad. 

I just want to live in this worldly dunia happily. With my God’s bless.  

O Allah.  La hawla wa laa quwwata illaa biLLAH al-‘Aliyyul Azim.  Help me.  Please guide me.  I really dont know how to change.  

I just dont know the way.  Dah banyak kali.  And I hate it.  I dont like the feelings that I felt after.  Miserable.  Sucks.  Dirty. Sad. 

Help me. 

1.1.17. Please kuat.